Gbenga Akinwole’s Passive Income Machine Masterclass Review

There are hundreds of ways to make money online, but nothing can be better than the opportunity to get paid over and over again (for years and years to come) for a single effort. This is what is popularly referred to as PASSIVE INCOME.

Unfortunately, most of the online money-making opportunities require continuous efforts for you to get paid. Some systems are even notorious that the moment you stop working them, you stop making money. Simple!

But what if there is an actual way to create a real passive income system online? It will be great, right? YES!

Luckily for us, there are a few ways you can do this, and one of the simplest and most unfailing ways is Self-Publishing. 

What is Self-Publishing?

Self-publishing has to do with publishing books without going through the publishing houses (or companies). 

So, in the most basic term, a self-publisher creates his book, format it, creates the cover, and then uploads it to platforms that are then going to be in charge of the selling and paying the royalties when such books are purchased.

Some of the popular platforms to upload your books include Amazon KDP, Draft2digital, PublishDrive, etc.

Self-publishing has made it so easy for just anyone to become an author. And it has created several millionaires.

SPOILER ALERT:  In this article, you will learn how to become an author even if you suck at writing.

Passive Income Machine Masterclass Review

Gbenga Akinwole’s Passive Income Machine is a step-by-step video course that promises to take you from a complete newbie to making $500, $1,000, $5,000 or more every month as a self-publishing author, without even having to write a single word by yourself.

This over-the-shoulder course will show you how to create 30-page books from scratch and upload them on international marketplaces such as Amazon KDP, Draft2digital, and PublishDrive.

Literally, you will be learning how to research the best book ideas that will sell for as long as possible, put them together and upload them on the platforms mentioned above. 

One of the success deciders in the self-publishing the number of books you have published, so this course shows you how to create books in the shortest possible time.

You can either write these books yourself or get people to do all the work for you at a little cost. Whichever way you choose, this course has got you covered.

Who is Gbenga Akinwole?

It’s essential to know the creator of a program before putting your money on it because it is usually crucial to the success or failure that comes from it.

Gbenga Akinwole (a.k.a. Hunku Fenga), has been a self-publishing author since 2013 and has uploaded several books which have generated money for him since then, and up till date. Click here to see some of his earnings. That’s a hell of a proven track record.

He has created the Passive Income Machine (P.I.M) Masterclass to teach people (writers and none writers) who also want to be getting paid royalties every single month from their books.

And why not? There is no chance of saturation because, according to Forbes, at least 600k-1m books get published yearly in the US alone.

Who Is The Course For?

  • Opportunity seekers:- People looking for a system to tap into and be making money every month.
  • Investors:- Someone who is looking for where to put their money and be getting paid every month. Yes, you can pay people to do all the work while you smile to the bank.
  • Writers: If you already write (maybe as a freelancer), then this course will show you how to turn your passion into money.
  • Authors: If you already have a book or books, you can learn how to get more from them than you already do by publishing on Amazon and other publishing websites

What Will The Course Teach You?






What’s included in The Course?

The central part of the course has 14 videos totaling about 170 minutes

There are also three bonus videos of about 38 minutes.


There is a zip folder with more ten different training pieces, including SECRET MONEY BULLSEYE NICHE and HOW NOT TO SUCK AT WRITING

What I Liked
What I don’t Like

Easy to understand: the steps described in the video course are quite easy to follow. And the delivery is quite commendable. 

Evergreen: Because of the nature of this business model, you are assured of being able to use the ideas from this course for years, or maybe forever, as long as the internet exists.

Zero Upsells: The course is a stand-alone, so you won’t have to buy any other package to put it to work. 

Risk-free: A money-back guarantee backs this course if the method fails to work for you.

The main course is too centered on outsourcing, which will make it a bit hard for people with no money to invest, but the bonus section included training on how to write.

Also, there is no training on how to create book covers, he only explained how to outsource it, but then again, I will be giving you a bonus that covers that. 

How Much Is The Course?

This currently sells everywhere at N24,997, which in my opinion, is already a steal considering the amount of information, the wealth of experiences (since 2013), and the stress he must have gone through to put it all together. I’ve bought several mediocre courses on the same topic that cost way more than that. 

Anyway, as my subscriber, you will be able to pick this at just N19,997 because I have been able to get him a discount of N5,000. But he agreed to only minimal time for the cut, after which the price goes back to its original state.

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Is It Really Worth It?

If you are serious about making passive income on the internet, then I think you should totally go for this course right away. There is almost no failing in this if you follow the steps.


Having gone through this program myself, I can tell you that it has made the whole process a lot easier for me. I have been trying to get started with amazon KDP since 2016, and most of the courses I’ve gone through before this are not very clear. And I will expect you to find it quite helpful in your journey too.

Passive Income Master Class

How To Make $500, $1,000, $5,000 Or More Every Month In Completely Passive Income Uploading 25-30 Page Word Documents To Popular Online Bookstores”

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Passive Income MasterClass

FINALLY REVEALED – “How To Make $500, $1,000, $5,000 Or More Every Month In Completely Passive Income Uploading 25-30 Page Word Documents To Popular Online Bookstores”